The Organized Chiro

Organizational tools and time savers made by a chiropractor for other chiropractors.

The tools I created to run my own practice are now available to you.

I'm a left-brained, analytical, data junkie guy. I make my own organizational tools to help me run my practice and make informed decisions.

Well, I've decided to make those tools available to anyone who wants them, starting with my marketing calendar. More coming soon!

marketing calendar

I couldn't find a calendar I liked, so I made my own!

Orders include a digital version (Numbers and Excel), as well as a 36"x48" poster that you can use dry or wet erase markers on.

  • Vertically stacked months so weeks are aligned
  • Monthly themes
  • Goal tracking (three blank goals - we personally track patient visits, new patients and collections)
  • Major US holidays listed with weekends greyed out.
  • Great visual that serves as a “hub” for the entire team


Dr. Dave Hanson

Our Mission

By sharing our gift of organization we can enable chiropractors around the world to have greater impact in their communities.